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Attached are the guidelines used by the NEST team in transport. These are intended to be used in combination with the input of a tertiary Neonatologist. 


Any infant who is clinically deteriorating and may require transfer should be discussed at the earliest point. This may prevent the team being dispatched on a lower dependency job, thus delaying transfer of a more unwell infant.


Protocol for rapid induction and intubation of infant including difficult airway algorithim

Guideline on management of hypotension in the Neonate by NEST team

Guidance on management of Neonatal Seizures by NEST team

Protocol for management of infant with suspected HIE who may meet criteria for therapeutic hypothermia

Criteria for attendance of NEST consultant on transfers

Pathway for call conferencing

Guideline for management of telecommunications failure / service interuption

NEST guidance on choice of kit

Management of thermal care of the Extreme Preterm infant in Transport

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