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The NEST Team provide clinical advice and transport services to the Northern part of the Southwest Neonatal Network. We aim to be the primary contact and coordination point for all transfers within our part of the Network. 


If you have concerns about the clinical condition of one of the infants under your care please contact us for advice. We may advise you to also discuss your patient with sub specialties in certain cases. We will coordinate a conference call to help keep the communication clear between the different teams involved.


We will include the NEST Top Cover Consultant and/or one of the Network NICU Consultants in all advice calls. We can also involved other specialties in specific cases as required, including staff from surgical, cardiac, and endocrine teams.


Please state at the beginning of the call if it is a courtesy call, an advice call or a request for transfer. This will enable us to start the process of mobilising in urgent calls.

We will triage the requests for transfers in relation to clinical urgency, organisational or logistical pressures, and time of referral. We aim to keep all the teams involved fully updated as to the transfer plan. . We aim to complete routine transfers within 24 hours of referral, however sometimes a more urgent referral will necessitate postponing a move. Unfortunately this can sometimes be at short notice.

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